Time- how do we be friends?

Time. Time for work, for eating, for sleep, for exercise (if you convince and blackmail yourself enough into doing it), for your kids, for hobbies, for your friends and most importantly for yourself. We somehow do it every day, or at least every week. But just reading what I just typed is draining me already, … Continue reading Time- how do we be friends?

change – necessary.

Change. Inevitable, pivitol, and whirlwind of emotions. A change in careers, a change in schools, a break up, moving to a whole new country, trying out a new cereal brand because your grocer doesn't have your regular brand in stock this week. We're faced with change almost every single day. The beauty with change is, … Continue reading change – necessary.

Balance – close to impossible

Balance. Back then it was easier to achieve, as our grandparents tell us. Back then it was about family and work. When you're not at work you're spending time with your family and vice versa. Back then there was no Instagram. In this day and age, most of us are struggling trying to balance a … Continue reading Balance – close to impossible

2 years ahead after the previous blog

2 years ago I made the choice to chase growth to achieve my dreams, I got into the clothing business but failed horribly after I made some mistakes. But mistakes are fine and it's normal, it's how we evolve from them. I went to complete ground zero - Zero-knowledge- Zero money - Zero support I … Continue reading 2 years ahead after the previous blog

Emotions – expression is necessary.

Emotions. Happiness, sadness, hunger, and all the million others that we feel and experience everyday but have no words to describe. Close to 8 billion people in the world, and every single one of us expresses each emotion that we feel differently. Some of us prefer to portray ourselves as the kind to bottle everything … Continue reading Emotions – expression is necessary.

childhood – it follows your kids

Childhood. The significance of providing one that's stable, eventful, beautiful and full of light and love for your children. I'm not a parent, yet. But I am a 22 year old who didn't have the Disney fairytale childhood that every kid is meant to have. And unfortunately, I'm not the only one. I think it's … Continue reading childhood – it follows your kids

self doubt – i’ll never be able to

Self Doubt. Unfortunately, something most of us struggle with on the daily. "Am I thin enough?", "Am I smart enough?, "Is what I'm wearing today too much?". "I'm not beautiful.", "Somehow everything I do doesn't work out.", "I don't think I'm cut out for it, you guys go ahead." And those statements and questions are … Continue reading self doubt – i’ll never be able to

growth – let the doors open for you.

Growth. It comes knocking in so many different ways throughout our lives. You see it coming your way, you know opening that door for yourself will open up so many opportunities and chances for yourself, but you don't. It sometimes presents itself in the most obvious way, according to society. From finally getting that promotion … Continue reading growth – let the doors open for you.

Why me? – over and over again.

Why me? "Why did they get the promotion when I know I've been putting in more work?" "Why does it have to rain when I have to run errands" "Why does it feel like the entire world is out to get me" Here's news, the entire world is not out to get you. I know, … Continue reading Why me? – over and over again.

social anxiety – i dont belong here.

Social Anxiety. The type of anxiety no one seems to think is real, that is if you don't have it. And if you do, it's a bit too real. "A social phobia, a type of anxiety disorder that causes extreme fear in social settings", says Google. If you struggle with it, and you've just read … Continue reading social anxiety – i dont belong here.